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Coco Bonito is an Amsterdam based fashion label and creator of the original Sunnycords®️. Back in 2013, Coco Bonito introduced the Sunnycords®️ into the fashion industry. We were the first who came up with exclusive eyewear accessories. The Sunnycord®️ is a fashionable (sun)glasses cord, for holding any kind of eyewear. Initially designed to never lose your sunglasses or reading glasses again, but also known as a true eye catcher.

Founder Sophie Weijenberg creates the Sunnycords ®️ herself since 2013 while studying Psychology. Now, seven years later, Coco Bonito has grown to a leading business in Sunnycords®️ worldwide. Bringing Coco Bonito to the next level cannot be done alone. The company is nowadays run by Sophie and her sister Eva. While Sophie is being the creative head behind the brand, Eva takes care of the operational & commercial side of the business. 

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