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Established in 2013, Off-White™ is defining the grey area between black and white as a color. Under the brand name, seasonal collections of men’s and women’s clothing, objects, furniture and publications are articulating a current culture vision. Collections embedded in a recurrent back story with an emphasis on creating garments that have an identity by design. With a design studio based in Milan, Italy the label harnesses the history and craftsmanship within the country yet offers a global perspective in terms of design and trends. With a clear vision of splicing the reality of how clothes are worn and the artistic expression of high-fashion, creative director and designer Virgil Abloh explored concepts in the realm of youth culture in the contemporary context. Architect and engineer Virgil Abloh and the Eyewear team have taken the notions and development of a high fashion brand to a new level altogether. Based in Milan, the creative office has absorbed and transformed the heritage of the Italian craftsmanship from a contemporary, global perspective on design and trends to create a collection that is the coherent extension of the Off-White™ aesthetic in the Eyewear world.The Off-White™ sunglasses are Made in Italy in acetate, metal or combining the two materials; the logo is either engraved either it appears in the form of an arrow with ivy leaves realized in metal and applied on both temples. All the styles are genderless and the color propositions range from the iconic nuances of the eyewear sector, black and havana, to fun and pop shades like red, blue and crystal options. 

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