Lool | Atik / Shiny Anthracite



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Lool | Atik / Shiny Anthracite
Lool | Atik / Shiny Anthracite


Light and functional with the “Hub”, lool's patented screwless hinge.    


Tectonic Series is a collection of prescription glasses based upon tectonics architecture. The collection shares a design inspired by retrofuturism, with a strong double bridge. The frames of this collection have a very light appearance, thanks to the fine wires that are hidden in the profile of the lens. On the inside, the wires that maintain the tension can be observed, whilst the incisions increase the lightness of the frame.

Fabricated from a sheet of stainless steel 500pm thick in order to achieve an overall weight of between 15/25g, maintaining maximum flexibility and resistance.


Color: Shiny Anthracite

Lool | Atik / Shiny Anthracite
Lool | Atik / Shiny Anthracite

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