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Founders Emma Stephens & Mitch Burgess started Oscar X Frank Eyewear in 2014 in Sydney Australia. It began with the passion for creating a high quality product at a reasonable price as most brands were so expensive. Mitch has a background in architectural design and Emma had a love for eyewear due to poor eyesight and the desire for stylish sunglasses. The brand was named after our 2 Miniature Dachshunds Oscar & Frank. Each year as the production grew the costs decreased and rather than using it as profit they added more quality and features to their eyewear collection while still maintaining the brands renowned price point. Within the past 5 years Mitch and Emma had 2 children Fox & Jet, opened an office in Sydney Australia, Bali Indonesia & Honk Kong and are now selling to many countries throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia and America. Oscar X Frank Eyewear's goal is to remain and independent eyewear brand that gains the trust of their customers by continually delivering quality, stylish and comfortable eyewear that puts the big brands on notice.