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If you would drive a snowmobile on the mountain slopes around the small village of Ammarnäs in Västerbotten on a sunny spring day, what ideas would you get? Perhaps you would be inspired by the glitter of icicles, the white snow or simply by that the light of the day demanded sunglasses. The young couple Erik and Emilia decided then and there to create a collection of spectacles with northern overtones.

The idea of EOE Glasses were right from the start that they would be a trendy and the obvious accessory in every wardrobe, not only for those who have vision problems. The frames can be worn with window glass, and you can have multiple vary with the outfit. Stylish sunglasses are also available! EoE eyewear and sunglasses are one of the first collection of designer glasses added to Ottica iSee catalogue. The frames are named after towns and places in the North, while the sunglasses are named after beaches and resorts. A collection of organic arcs have their name after the plants we have in the North and the colors units such as barch, lingonberry, lynx and ice. It is clear that a bow called Kiruna, Sweden's largest municipality must be in an extra generous model and a bow called Jukkasjärvi must be in color ice!